Always and everywhere access to your data



With BlueMail, not mather where or when, you have access to your email, agenda and contacts. This is possible on desktops, laptops or mobile devices. There are ofcourse functions available that protect your organisation against viruses and spam.


  • You are able to work almost anywhere and automaticly have access to your email, agenda and contact on your devices you use the most like pc's, mac's, Iphones, Android devices, Symbian devices, Blackberry and Windows phones.

  • Professional and easy to manage email. BlueMail offers every user a mailbox of minimal 2 gigabyte (GB) and the possibility to send messages of maximal 10 megabyte (MB).

  • Connect with Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010 and use all advanced Outlook functions you allready know and use, not mather if you work at home or at your company, with or without access to the internet.

  • Simply schedule meetings by sharing agendas and display them next to eachother so you can see the availablitity of your collegues. This way, it's simple to propose meetingtimes.

  • Access your email, agenda and contacts from any browser where you will be offered to use a simplified Outlook experience with Microsoft Outlook Web App.